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Terms & Conditions

Taupo Jet Ski Tours priority is ensuring the safety of our clients and other users of Lake Taupo.

The following terms and conditions must be agreed to:

Even though this is a guided tour, you as the hirer and passenger, must adhere to all local bye laws and rules of Lake Taupo.

As the hirer and passenger, you must acknowledge this activity of using a PWC comes with its own risks and participating in this activity could result in minor or fatal injuries or even death to yourselves, or to a third party.

I the hirer and passenger understand that such risks cannot be eliminated or removed from the use of a PWC. The risks could include a multiple number of scenarios, from fatal to minor from falling off, capsizing and entrapment resulting in accidental drowning, slips from standing on a wet watercraft resulting in broken bones cuts and scrapes even concussion, paralysation from jarring when going over a wave. These are just a few.

You the hirer and passenger must agree that you yourselves are fit and well to undertake this tour and know that you are not intoxicated or have taken any non-prescribed drugs if this is the case you will not be able to undertake the tour with us.

If you do have a medical condition then please inform us before the you embark on this tour, TJST reserves the right to cancel the tour if the hirer and / or passenger are influenced by alcohol and / or drugs upon arrival. No refund will be given if this is the case.

Your bond will be held to cover any damages or losses by the hirer and will be taken prior to the tour, this is to cover any repairs resulting in losses or damages to the PWC under your control if deemed your cause, once the PWC is safely returned the bond will be released at the end of the tour.

If the PWC or any equipment on the craft is damaged or lost, then TJST will inform the hirer of such damage and loss, and full retail price of replacement will be charged to the hirer’s credit card, up to the amount of the bond. With that in mind the hirer agrees and gives authorisation that TJST to charge up to the amount of the bond held for monies payable by the hirer, including the following but not limited to any outstanding fees or amounts of hire cost’s, late fees, cancelation fees, repairs, insurance excess fees, as well as survey fees of damage caused to our or anyone else’s vessel.

The hirer or passenger can take personal items but do so at own risk TJST will not be responsible or liable in any way for loss or damage to such property.

Cancelations need to be made 48 hours prior to your time of tour that you have booked for full refund, if cancellation is made 24 hours prior to your time of tour than 50% will only be refunded, Cancelations within the 24 hours of your tour time will not be refunded, unless otherwise decided by TJST.

TJST has the right to cancel tours due to weather and high winds on the lake, if your tour is cancelled for these reasons your money will be fully refunded.

TJST also reserves the right to cut short the tour for reasons deemed unsafe for the hirer and/or passenger if they feel they are struggling, using the Jet Ski unsafely or just not adhering to the tour guides instructions.

TJST PWC has a maximum number of two passengers at any time, with a combined weight restriction of a maximum of 200kg, the hirer’s must be 18 years and over and proof of I’d must be shown.







Taupo Jet Skis owned and available at Belle vue Boutique Lodge.


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